All Season Tires

All Season Tires

High performance tires mainly include flat tires, low tires, high speed tires, good drainage, low noise, good maneuverability and high safety tires. They do not pay attention to wear resistance and cannot use tire sealant because the dynamic balance will change.
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All Season Tires

NAMA Brand All Season tire Asymmetric pattern, the tire could be used all year around.

1.Product Introduction of All Season Tires

1. Longitudinal groove combination

Through four sets of vertical pattern combination, improved drainage performance and snow discharge performance.

2 shoulder width pattern width

The widening of the lateral pattern of the shoulder achieves an increase in the rigidity of the shoulder blocks and the handling of the dry land.

3 shoulder width groove widening

The expansion of the shoulder side groove improves the performance of the snow.

It can cope with various weather conditions, adapt to various road conditions, provide superior wetland braking performance, safety and security, and consider fuel economy and comfort, snowmelt, wetlands, high rigidity, all three ways can be achieved.


2. Product Specification of All Season Tires

crossover 1

3. Similar patterns for NAMA Brand All Season tire to be developed per market feedbacks

crossover 2

4. Tech advantages

crossover 3

5.Product Introduction for NAMA Brand All Season tire Asymmetric pattern

√The design and production of tires is managed by the international brand team.

√Tire molds are produced by Himile, a top Chinese mold manufacturer.

√Fine workmanship, beautiful appearance, hot selling.

√Silica compound is added to the tread formula to keep the tire soft at low temperatures.

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