High Performance Snow Tire

High Performance Snow Tire

The driver changes a high performance tire, can enhance the control performance, more importantly still is safe, reduces the brake distance effectively; Increase power transmission, improve the life of tires, reduce the risk of driving.
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Product Details

High Performance Snow Tire

1. Specification of High Performance Snow Tire

specification for highest rated suv

2. Features & Benefits of High Performance Snow Tire

● Internal construction consists of twin steel belts along with polyamide and polyester tread plies

● Optimized tread pattern molded using new tread compound mixed with silica to provide year-round traction

● Generates low noise for a more comfortable ride

3. Product Introduction of High Performance Snow Tire

The NAMA brand Masse294 is an highest rated Suv tire specially designed for drivers who are seeking for year-round traction, long lasting wear, and comfort. Ideal for sports cars, sedans, and high performance coupes, the Masse294 combines an exceptional balance of a new tread compound with special silica to deliver superior traction on both dry and wet road surfaces. On rainy days, when you have to choose the tires for the SUV, you should choose the center notch. The tire's tread wear rate should be 85, which makes it best suited for handling off-road conditions. It is well known that these tires do not lose their grip on wet road surfaces.


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