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NAMA unique pattern features for MT made in Vietnam
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NAMA unique pattern features for MT made in Vietnam

  1. Our pattern designers and engineers are experienced with kinds of tires pattern designs for world-famous brands, we together with our designers discussed again and again for every details to perfect our patterns.

  2. Each part of below pattern has it's effective function, for example the "TRIPLICATE TIRE BAR" in Purple, we break through the old normal MT design and come up with the idea of the tire bar between blocks, this helps on traction and heat-dissipation and with the 3 bars, the two blocks can be connected very well, so we find a balance to perfect the tires performance on every aspect, which makes our tires outstanding from all the MT patterns in the world.  Also there'are many "Stone ejectors" design in the tread grooves, which helping the tires pump out the stones out easily, also the "3 steps self-clean stairs", it can help the tire clean itself easily and fastly in the tough mud rolling situation, and many more reinforced tire bars, pls check below for details.

  3. Not just we say our MT unique pattern is good, our USA clients speak highly of this pattern, too, they studied this pattern with their technicians and admit there're many advantages of this pattern, and say they have the confidence to sell this pattern well in USA.  


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