Ultra Performance Snow Tires

Ultra Performance Snow Tires

NAMA Brand snow tire Gowin pattern, semi-steel radial tire specially designed for winter. Gowin NAMA Brand snow tire Gowin pattern, semi-steel radial tire specially designed for winter. √Product Introduction for NAMA Brand snow tire Gowin pattern √Tyre design and production is managed by Korean...
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Product Details

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We supply NAMA Brand snow tire Gowin pattern,Semi-steel radial tire specially designed for winter.

Unique new rubber formula which is suitable for all kinds of road surface, gallop in winter and snow control. A good balance of the need for a tire on the grip and handling of different snow and ice roads. Additional grooves are provided for the tire surface to increase the grip of the tire.

1. Product Description

Three types of trench mix design

Suitable for all kinds of roads, it balances the need for tire gripping and handling on different snow and ice surfaces. Provides additional grooves for the tire surface, increasing tire grip.

New tread and ice formula

Improve tire ice grip.

Balanced control and grip

Double crown structure

It achieves perfect coordination of ground grip and control on ice ground and provides safer driving performance.

Excellent ice and snow road grip

Mixed tread groove design

Making the whole tire section very tough, the tires with this design can achieve excellent grip on snow and ice during the entire service life.

2. Product Specification


3. Application


4. Winter tires FAQs

Can I change only two tires when replacing winter tyres?

When replacing winter tires, do not replace only two tires. If only two rear wheels are replaced, the vehicle may be understeered; if only two front wheels are replaced, the rear of the vehicle may cause tail flick due to oversteering. Therefore, Goodyear advises car owners to change four winter tires at the same time.

Can winter tires be used in summer?

Winter tires can be used during the summer but are generally not recommended. Because the tread formulas and patterns are designed for cold weather conditions. If winter tires are used during the summer, driving comfort will be reduced, noise levels will be higher than those of normal summer tires, fuel consumption will also increase, and accelerated tread wear.

Good habits of winter driving: Before starting the car in winter, check whether there is ice or snow between the tire and the ground. If there is, the tire and the ground have been frozen. If the ice in the pattern is too hard, you can't force digging, or you can not pour water on the tire surface. You can use normal temperature water to pour the ice in the tire pattern and melt it. After the vehicle is started, please do not immediately accelerate the road. You can slowly drive about 2 km at a proper speed to properly warm the tires, so that the tires can adapt to the environment of the road surface and avoid the skidding caused by the cold tires moving at high speed on the ice or snow. When driving on icy roads, you also need to avoid the edge of the ice, so as not to scratch the surface of the tire with a sharp ice surface and cause damage to the tire. Check the tread pattern regularly for wear. When the tread pattern wears to the “wear mark”, the new tire should be replaced immediately. The wear limit of winter tyres is also different from summer tyres, which is 4 mm.

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