4X4 tires made in Vietnam

- Jun 23, 2020-

4X4 tires made in Vietnam


Here sharing you the latest status about NAMA PCR project in Vietnam: 4X4 tires

1>. 4WD series (R/T, M/T) with ready tires for fast delivery, DDP terms is workable. 
2>. PCR series (UHP/Touring'HT), total 61 sizes under mass production now.

Big discount to celebrate the Father's day, DDP prices shall be based on the current sea freight.   
          ---i would love to share you the quotation about our tires if you have any interest.
Orders choosen from ready stocks, the immediate shipment could be ensured.

Reinforced tread and sidwall structure to ensure the superior off-raoding driving performance.
          --- about RT, MT series, pattern and sidewall is designed by well-known and progressive North America R&D center with aggressive visual impact, excellent road performance and driving experience


Total 77 sizes ready in our 1st phase, the 2nd phase is under discussion and development.