Farm tires have created good social benefits

- Mar 07, 2018-

farm tires is one of the important parts of the car, it is directly in contact with the road, and vehicle suspension work together to ease the impact of the vehicle, to ensure a good car ride comfort and ride comfort; ensure that the wheels and pavement have good adhesion, improve vehicle traction, braking and passing; bear the weight of the car, an important role in the farm tiress on the car has been paid more and more attention.

1. cars can not start too hard, both empty and heavy cars should start at low speed. Avoid farm tiress and ground towing to reduce tread wear.

2. good at driving on the road, should be straight forward, in addition to meeting and avoid obstacles, no swing and sharp turn, to avoid the transverse cutting damage farm tiress between farm tires and rim.

3. vehicles on long downhill slope should be based on the size, length and road condition, properly control the speed.  Under the condition of long slope, steep road and complex road conditions, we should block the gear and control the downhill with the slight brake. This way can not only avoid emergency braking, but also reduce the wear of farm tires, and also ensure the safe driving.

4. when the vehicle uphill, we should try to make use of inertia drive, timely change speed and shift gears in time. When we go uphill, we must keep the vehicle with the right spare force, do not wait for the car to stop before starting again, so as to reduce the wear of the farm tires.

5. driving turn should be based on the curve to control the speed of the vehicle, not high-speed turn, otherwise the vehicle produces centrifugal force is large, the goods vehicle side tilt, centroid offset, unilateral farm tires overloading drag, accelerated wear, while also making farm tiress round copper cross cutting, damage.

6. in complex situations (overtaking through town, crossing, railway) when driving, should grasp the appropriate vehicle speed, reduce frequent braking and avoid emergency braking, or caused by sliding friction between farm tiress and the ground, resulting in serious tread wear

7. car parking and parking on the way, to develop a safe skiing habit of parking. Before parking, we must choose the ground with flat, clean and oil-free parking. Every farm tires must be landing smoothly, especially when the vehicle is loaded overnight. We should pay more attention to pick up the parking place, and when necessary, rear the wheel.

8., we should decelerate driving on bad roads. We should carefully observe and choose the way to go through. After that, we should check whether there is any stone between twins. If necessary, we should exclude it in time.