Key points for car tires

- Mar 07, 2018-

How long does a set of tires take?

Why are your car tyres worn faster than others?

What kind of tyres can have a safety hazard?

How to prolong the service life of the tire?

As the only contact part between cars and the ground, the importance of tire is self-evident. Bad tyres will not only affect the speed, noise, stability and fuel consumption of cars, but also cause troubles in driving accidents. Even if you are wearing parts for all kinds of cars do not want to spend too much effort to understand, and throw it to the maintenance station of trouble, but the necessary knowledge about the tire or must have, at least you can at any time after all to determine what kind of tyre will endanger traffic safety can not be reused, and when you face the tire or other problems. No longer helpless, wait for rescue.

Tire attention points

1, check the tire pressure regularly to avoid the risk of tire blowout

Tire pressure problems should be paid attention to in daily use of tires. Some people think that the blowout is due to too much air, that it is not a big problem, which is very one-sided.  General car speed quickly, the shape of the tire in a high frequency alternating state, if insufficient pressure deformation will increase, tread on both sides of the treads because of excessive wear, the carcass can not resist the pressure of the ground and the distortion caused by high temperature accelerated tire wear, and eventually lead to a blowout. Therefore, the standard pressure of the tire should be maintained as required by the manufacturer, including the spare tire pressure. The measurement of tire pressure can be measured by the tire pressure gauge on its own, but it must be measured at the normal temperature of the tire, and the result of the measurement of the hot tire is inaccurate.

2, front and rear tires interchange to prevent uneven wear

The tires should be interchanged every ten thousand kilometers. Because the general automobile engine placed in front of the different load distribution of the front and rear axles of the vehicle during braking, due to inertia, the front load is usually 70% cars accounted for 80% of full load, 4 load on the tire since it is not equal, will inevitably lead to the front tire wear is large, to alleviate this phenomenon, the best the method is before and after the tire swap position. In addition, if the tyre is not directional tires (Mark tread tires), at best and on about tires, tires and side wear uniform.

3, try to avoid too fast acceleration and braking

In the operation of cars, we should try to avoid urgent acceleration, emergency braking and urgent steering. This is not only bad for the mechanical performance of the car itself, but also bad for the tire life. If repeated rapid acceleration, braking and urgent urgent to wait not normal driving, the tire will cause the sharp deformation, uneven tread wear, longitudinal groove tear, the internal temperature of the tire is rising, easy to burst.

4, the tire should be balanced regularly

The balance of tire is divided into two kinds: dynamic balance and static balance. Dynamic unbalance makes the wheel rocking and causes wave wear. Static unbalance produces bumps and jumps, often causing flat spots on the tires. Therefore, regular dynamic and static balance check and adjustment can extend tire life, improve driving stability and avoid traffic accidents due to tire runaway and runaway when driving at high speed.

5. Dissimilar tyres in the same car

The same car can not be mixed two different tire specifications, if two different specifications of the tire is mounted on the same shaft, steering will cause excessive or insufficient, or likely to cause sideslip. The light affects the maneuverability of the car, and the heavy one will cause a car accident. In addition, it should try to avoid mixing different brands of tires, because different brands of tires even the same parameters, the tread, tire quality is also very different, the driving state of imbalance.

6, the worn tires should be eliminated in time

As for the tire elimination, it depends on the degree of wear and tear, when the wear marks are revealed, they should be replaced. Generally speaking, it is suggested that its service life is about 4 and 50 thousand km. If the mileage is less, it is recommended to replace it for more than two years. Because tyre is made of rubber material, it is affected by environment, and there will be deterioration and aging phenomenon for a long time. It will cause cracks easily.

7. Check the tires first after the accident

After a car accident, even a small collision and hanging should also carefully check the tire, to avoid the existence of security risks. If the tire has abnormal phenomena such as deformation, crack, drum and so on, it must be immediately opened to the maintenance station for inspection and maintenance.