P/LT Tire Duty in Vietnam Origin

- Aug 03, 2020-

P/LT Tire Duty of Vietnam to be the Lowest to USA Market 

Many purchasers in tire industry are waiting and seeing the final duty of P/LT made in Thailand, Vietnam, Korea and Taiwan. 

Hereby we would like to share some of our ideas, according to our lawyer and experience, CVD of Vietnam origin may at around 4%, and AD of Vietnam origin might to be low because only about 11.9 million pcs imported to USA market in 2019, comparing with Thailand 45.1 million. The other side, Vietnam line is selling in reasonable price in USA. Moreover, USW expected duty for Vietnam is the lowest. So it can be well expected Vietnam duty will have a great advantage.

Considering all above, more and more customers are choosing Vietnam P/LT to reserve capacity in advance, we have a wide size range of RT, MT, UHP, Tournig, HT for you to choose, and to guarantee stable and timely delivery, we'd like to suggest to order earlier to arrange your order production in priority, production for all fast moving sizes could be arranged from October.

If you have any purchasing plan, pls come back to us and share your order details earlier to avoid supply shortage.