Problems that should be paid attention to when the forklift tires are inflated

- Mar 07, 2018-

1, forklift tires to be inflated to pay attention to safety. Use a barometer to check air pressure at any time to avoid overcharging and crack the tire.

2. After the stopping of the traveling, the forklift tires must be inflated after heat dissipation. The tire temperature will rise when the vehicle travels, and the pressure has an effect on the air pressure.

3. Check the valve mouth of the forklift truck. If the valve mouth and valve core are not equal, there is a convex and concave scene and other shortcomings, which are inconvenient to inflate and air pressure.

4, inflate should be paid attention to cleaning. The air filled can not contain water and oil to prevent the deterioration of the rubber in the inner tube of the forklift tire.

5, inflation should not exceed the standard pressure too much after deflation, not for a long time not to go after inflation and excessive inflation, such as beyond the norm too much will make cord too spread, the impact strength decreased, forklift tire life.

6, before the air should be a valve of dust wipe, do not loosen the valve core, after the use of inflatable soap bubble (or slobber) on the valve mouth, see is not leak (if leakage occurs, small bubbles) and the valve cap installed tightly, to avoid sediment entering the forklift tire valve inside.

7, radial tires inflated, because of structural reasons, the subsidence, ground area were larger, often mistaken for lack of forklift tire inflation, and excessive inflation; or on the other hand, because of the subsidence and the ground area was larger in the lack of pressure also mistaken enough. The standard barometer was used to measure it. The application pressure of the radial tire should be higher than the usual tire 0.5-1.5kg/cm2.