Seven trends of the future of China's tire market

- Mar 07, 2018-

As the domestic car sales soared, it led to the new shuffling of our car tire market. Now the domestic tire market has become a competitive place for the big tire brands, who hope that they can play an important role in the Chinese tire market.

The experts from the existing tire industry point out that there will be seven trends in China's tire market, which is worth our consideration in the tire market.

The first big trend: with the idea that people on the green low-carbon travel and constantly upgrading the green tire so that most consumers recognized, therefore, whether dealers or manufacturers should pay attention to the needs of the consumers, along with the pace of consumer endeavors to develop "green tire".

The second trend: with the implementation of the tire labeling law in the United States, Japan, Korea and the European Union, China will introduce green tire industrialization plan and green tire self-discipline standard this year, in order to integrate with the world, China will promote our "label law".  This will promote the orderly and harmonious development of the tire wholesale market in China.

The third trend: with the development of industry, industrial automation is along with the editing of various industries. At present, the tire manufacturers have applied automation to part of the tire production. In the future, full automation will replace mechanization. With the improvement of technology level, the level of tire manufacturing will also be greatly improved, whether it is the quality of the product or the efficiency of production.

Fourth trends: the current domestic tire manufacturers are everywhere flowers contend their era, a variety of small brand tire overcapacity has a serious impact on the domestic tire market. Many manufacturers are now facing the current situation of restructuring. Not always so since ancient times, the survival of the fittest contention of a hundred schools of thought, the old saying, so we are waiting to meet new challenges.

The fifth trend is: now many brands of tire manufacturers are increasingly building factories in Southeast Asia and other rubber raw materials, which saves raw material transportation and other expenses. Now the Southeast Asian region has gradually become the destination of Chinese tire enterprises.

Sixth trends: because the domestic tire enterprises are generally small scale enterprises, in the fierce competition in the international social production level and there is still a big gap in this competition, the survival of the fittest environment we should strive to develop technology, improve their quality of tire. The various enterprises of our country have become a common means of expanding the promotion activities and the reduction of the tires. Now, more and more domestic tire manufacturers realize reducing tire prices and a variety of promotional activities in the tire industry is not a good method, now many tire enterprises have begun to realize this point, begin to improve the quality of the tire and tire brand warfare technology. Our tire market will move from the tire price war to the tire brand war.

The seventh trend: tires should be the fastest growing tires in the Chinese tire market. The reason for this trend is the improvement of living standards in China, and the concept of car maintenance is also improving. Because of the distinct seasons in the north of China, it is becoming more and more common for people to change the winter tires in winter. The demand for the winter tire increases with the cooling of the temperature, so the domestic winter tire market will be the snatch of the big tire enterprises. Now Michelin, Dunlop, Bridgestone tire tire tires, HANKOOK tires and other major brands of tires have been continuously updated winter tyres.  Generally in August, the big tire wholesalers have begun to sell the winter tyres to meet the customers' needs.

In the increasingly fierce competition, the tire enterprises if you want to emerge in the varied boom, expand market share, the first task is to build the brand, meet customer demand, with excellent production technology, excellent quality of the tire to conquer customers, bring environmental protection, more comfortable, more suitable for the consumer of tires for customers. Let our tire brand become a household name, we must follow the trend of the tire market and get out of our own brand road.