Tire enterprises need to change their management ideas

- Mar 07, 2018-

Deng Yali, President of China Rubber Industry Association, said that from last year, the price of raw materials such as carbon black and rubber auxiliaries rose sharply, and the profits of tire enterprises were greatly affected.

In addition, the state is adjusting the mixed rubber standard, which will increase the natural rubber tariff in the future, and the management of processing trade is more stringent. Some enterprises may also face the situation of paying taxes, and the tire industry will have a significant impact in the future.

"Therefore, the tire enterprises must seek a new new round of competitive development of new thinking and new advantages, the challenge of the crisis into opportunities."  Deng Yali pointed out.

It is understood that enterprises should innovate and change, and promote quality transformation. They will transform the past rapid growth mode of scale development and scale growth into a pursuit of value growth mode.

At the same time, we should promote the efficiency change and the dynamic change, the marketing channel of the market, and change from the manufacturing to the creation, and change the pattern of the past transnational corporations.

Deputy general manager of Zhongce Rubber Group Limited Ge Guorong said that in the process of development in the future, China tire enterprises must first seek technological progress, improve service levels, meet customer and market demand fundamentally.

Based on this, tire enterprises should gradually establish brand trust, functional trust, price trust and service trust through consumers' quality and service, and further establish their own supply and marketing channels and support platforms.

Li Zhen, deputy general manager of Refco Group Ltd, believes that the Chinese tire industry is labor-intensive, capital intensive and resource intensive industries. The industry brand concentration is low, the added value of products is low, and the manufacturing level is low.

Though China has become the largest tire producing country and manufacturing center in the world 10 years ago, there has not been a real sense of the world brand so far, let alone the right to speak. Li Zhen said.

To this end, he stressed that in terms of management, tire enterprises should cluster users, and constantly satisfy and discover user needs through demand segmentation, product segmentation and network segmentation.