All Season Tires

- Jun 22, 2018-

What Are All Season tires?

All-season tires are designed to be used all year round in countries with a temperate climate such as the UK. They are designed to provide a good level of grip in summer and winter conditions, enabling you to motor safely with the same set of tires all year.

Manufacturers of all-season tires achieve this by using a combination of the tyre tread and rubber compounds found on summer tires with those used for winter tires.It Sounds Too Good To Be True?

All-season tires - the facts all-season tires are naturally a compromise. In summer, you will get slightly better grip from summer tires and in winter conditions, dedicated winter tires will work slightly better.

On the other hand, using all-season tires gives you an acceptable level of performance all year without the cost and hassle of changing your wheels or tires twice a year (and storing a set of tires all year). All-season tires are much better in snow and ice than summer tires but will work well in warm, dry conditions, too.

If you are worried about losing the performance advantage of summer tires, remember that most parts of the UK have more than 1O0days of ground frost a year. In addition, summer temperatures over the last 3O years have not averaged more than 17 degrees C,except in London. In many parts of the UK, average summer temperatures are considerably lower.

Summer tires are designed to work best above 7 degrees Celsius and winter tires are designed to work best below 7 degrees Celsius. All-season tires sit in the middle and provide a year-round level of performance that we believe is ideal for many UK motorists.

Are They Suitable For All Cars?

All-season tires come in a more limited range of sizes than summer and winter tires. They are suitable for the vast majority of regular cars on the UK's roads family cars, people carriers, hatchbacks, SUVs and even most vans.

Drivers of high performance cars place much heavier demands on their tires and may find it hard to get all-season tires is the sizes and speed ratings that they need. If this is the case, the solution is to stick with using summer tires in summer and winter tires (if needed) in winter.

Remember that as with winter tires, all-season tires should be fitted to all four wheels of your car, not just the front or back wheels.Fitting different types of tire to the front and rear of your car could cause unpredictable handling.

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