All Terrain Tires

- May 10, 2019-

Details about all terrain tires


All-terrain tires prioritize and balance both on-road and off-road performance characteristics, and facilitate overland adventure without too much compromise of everyday driving. All-terrain tires often feature the high points of off-road tire technology, including stronger tread rubber and reinforced sidewalls, deeper and more functional tread, and all-around enhanced durability.


Absolutely, that's the idea of going off-road with an All-Terrain tire. All-terrain tires are recommended for drivers who spend up to 50% of their drive time off-road.

While most all-terrain tires won't quite deliver the off-road performance of a legitimate off-road tire, many contemporary all-terrain options are absolutely sufficient to allow for reasonable backcountry adventures when fitted to a 4x4. (Though you might want to think twice about that black diamond mud bog…)


From the perspective of off-road performance and traction, the distinction between the two types of tires comes down to capability. Whereas a mud-terrain/off-road tire is specifically engineered for maximum traction in challenging off-road conditions, all-terrain tires balance on-road and off-road performance. This means all-terrain tires are more of a compromise (and thereby less capable) off-road, however, all-terrain tires are far less of a compromise when it comes to all aspects of on-road driving. Meanwhile, mud-terrain tires usually don’t come with a mileage warranty and often deliver lower performance and handling characteristics for street use than original equipment (OE) tires.


Most road-focused, original equipment SUV and truck tires are all season. All-terrain tires are also designed with four season use in mind. All-terrain tires qualify for the mud and snow ("M+S") traction rating, which is synonymous with all-season performance. And nowadays a growing list of all-terrain tires qualify for a wintertime traction rating (3-Peak Snowflake) that denotes superior performance in snow.


Trucks, SUVs, and some crossovers can benefit from the performance of an all-terrain tire. Vehicles with four-wheel and all-wheel drive traction systems will best be able to appreciate the all-terrain tire traction advantages.