Classification Of Truck Tires

- Mar 07, 2018-

There are basically three kinds of tires: first, vehicle types. For example, light trucks must be equipped with light truck tires, heavy trucks and heavy truck tires, each has its own models. The second is classification according to the structure of tire, such as bias tire or radial tire, whether tubeless tire or tubeless tire, each has its own characteristics. Third is according to the season to classify, such as the market often see all weather tires, snowy antiskid tires, each have the advantages of each.

1. Because of the protection of the air tight layer without the inner tube, no tube tyre will not leak because of a sudden piercing hole, which ensures the safety of the driving.

2. Due to the contact between the gas and the rim of the wheel, the heat dissipation in the driving process is improved and the possibility of the tire with high temperature is reduced.

3, the reduction of the quality of the tire and the maintenance of the inner tube and the reduction of the maintenance are also the advantages of the tyre tire.

The combination of the above advantages makes the tire free tyre in our country widely popularized and applied. In recent years, with the amount of increase in China's commercial vehicle tire structure, style also changes greatly, for trucks, wide tires have distinctive advantages compared with ordinary tire with wide tire ground contact surface, adhesion enhancement, unit area pressure decreases, and the braking friction increases, the it is crucial for the truck. However, due to the constraints of transportation environment and production factors in China, the wide body is not widely used in China.