How To Maintain The Tires In Winter

- Mar 07, 2018-

As the "running leg" of the body, the tire can support the body, buffer the external impact, realize contact with the road and ensure the driving performance of the vehicle. Therefore, the tire is an important vehicle "second arm". In the cold winter, it is a challenging season for the majority of the owners. As the saying goes: the journey begins with the first step. So the tire maintenance is very important, and it is an important guarantee for the safety of the car in winter. How can we keep the tires "young and beautiful"?

1. pay attention to the cleanliness of the skin - strengthen the protection and cleanliness

Special attention should be paid to the cleaning of the tires before and after a cold winter driving. Before driving, check whether the four tires have bullets, cracks, cuts, nails, leaks, deflated tyres and abnormal tire wear, so as to avoid danger during driving. We should pay special attention to the wear condition of tire tread and tire edge. If tire location is bad or air pressure is abnormal, it will easily cause tire abnormal wear.  After driving, to check whether the tire tread the ditch with stones, iron nails or other hard objects, if any, must immediately clean up

2. keep skin elasticity - guarantee inflating pressure

The winter temperature is low, according to the "Rezhanglengsuo" principle, the tire pressure will be reduced, so the need to appropriately increase the tire pressure, otherwise, will not only increase the fuel consumption of cars, will accelerate the wear of automobile tires; at the same time, should avoid the tire pressure is too high, the vehicle control especially affect braking. In winter, we generally recommend inflating pressure of 10% to 15% higher than the standard, but it should not exceed the maximum inflatable pressure specified in the product manual, which is also called "moderation".

3. beware of the thinning of the cuticle -- attention to wear marks

There is a great difference between the traction and the grip of the new tires and the old ones. The worn tires, even winter tires, can't play a role on the ice and snow. Therefore, the tire should be replaced in a timely manner according to the wear condition. If the tire is worn to the tread, only 1.6 millimeters are left in the groove, so the tire must be replaced at that time, then the tire must be replaced, otherwise the car will slip easily.

4. step-by-step adjustment - control of driving speed

In the cold winter, some owners start too fast, the car suddenly turn in turn, not to leave a car tire key preparation time, the owner of emergency situation, emergency brake, and the road is not a good location with high speed and stop tires Guaceng obstacles and so on, will cause severe tire wear, thereby reducing the service life of the tire.

It can be seen that good driving habits are the most direct and effective way to keep the tire "youthful and beautiful", and also the life safety line that many owners need to pay attention to.