How To Pick The Car Tires

- Mar 07, 2018-

The importance of a tire, as the only part of the car that is in contact with the ground, is self-evident. At present, there are many kinds of tires, including brands, patterns and so on, and retreading tires are numerous. So it's necessary to learn how to distinguish new and old tires. Today we'll talk about how to avoid buying fake tires and retreading tyres.

A careful observation of lanugo

The surface of the original new tyres on will have a lot of hair, these vehicles around lanugo within 5-10 kilometers will gradually disappear. Therefore, retreaded tires cannot be forged lanugo up, so be sure to look at the new tyres in tires lanugo.

Two. Use a key to see if there is a mark.

The original rubber of the original plant is generally of good elasticity. If the key is laid on the tire surface lightly, the part will be restored to its original state without leaving any trace.  And the retreading tyre, because of the longer service life, is not as good as the elasticity of the rubber on the surface of the tire, leaving a trace with the key of the key.

Three. Focus on the color and pattern of the tires

The pattern of shallow depth, width, a fine pattern, are asymmetric retreading.

Four. The price distinction

The price is a big item. Don't choose the "new tire" which has a big discrepancy from the market price because of the petty gain. Of course, some of them may raise the price of retreading tires very much, but they are not good at cheap.