Main Factors For The Wear Of Forklift Tires

- Mar 07, 2018-

When the forklift goes forward, the forces of the tire are in a disorder. There is a direct force in the straight direction, and there are longitudinal and transverse forces in the tangent direction, which causes the relative sliding of the tire in these directions and causes tread wear. The other, in the tire bearing deformation, between the outer tube and the inner tube, between tire and rim and tire and the road will also attack the conflict, so that the tire temperature is added, the mechanical properties decrease.

In a certain tire pressure, tire overload causes the deflection increases, stress increases cord and cord, easy to form the sidewall cord broken, loose and ply delamination, cord force will go beyond the planning promised stress and tire ground pressure, the heat added. In order to reduce the matrix temperature add, bearing. Even when an obstacle is encountered, even a small stone can cause the explosion of the crown. Practice has proved that when turning on the road and uneven road, when the tire load exceeds 20%, its journey will shorten by 35%. When it exceeds 50%, it will shorten 59% and exceed 1 times, it will shorten more than 80%.

Two, because of differences in front and rear axle load distribution is not the same, the driving wheel and the steering wheel operating characteristics and road conditions are not the same, the tire wear is not the same, if not replaced with the same axle on both sides of the same plant, scale, structure, level and markings on the tires, will accelerate the wear of tire.

In three, the pressure will tire load and speed, add, distortion, frequency of deformation of the tire carcass and tire circumferential and lateral vibration of the (stationary wave form) increased, and the occurrence of internal conflict in unit time heat add, reduce the operating performance of the tire, and presents the ply breaking and tread drop scene to speed up the tire wear and damage.

Four, when the tire is attacked by grease, acid and alkali substances and high temperature for a long time, the physical and chemical properties of the tire will change, the load capacity will be greatly reduced, and the tire will also burst easily. In addition, the tires that have been corroded by oil will appear to fall in a block of atmosphere, a small area of rubber falling off the tire, and the separation of the cord from the rubber and rubber. Because the patch is not compatible with oil - bearing rubber, even if the damaged wound is very small, it also loses the possibility of repair.

Five, the road condition has a great influence on the service life of the tire. It affects the conflict between the tire and the ground and the dynamic load of the tire.