Nama High End RT And MT Will Be Launched Overseas In July Of 2019

- Apr 18, 2019-


In order to serve customers well and also enlarge markets in America, Nama not only can supply customers in America truck tires but also will launch a new PCR line in Southeast Asia plant.


NAMA is developing a wide range PCR including more than 200 sizes in our Southeast Asia plant. After a few of months, we will supply customers in America most of PCR sizes they need without anti-dumping duty and anti-subsidy duty. We all know there is very high Anti-dumping duty and Anti-subsidy duty (Total will be: 98.34%) on Chinese original PCR tires.


MT and RT sizes will be in production in July firstly, then will be UHP, HP and touring etc. We also will adjust or increase the sizes according to customers’ requirement. Let’s know a little details about MT and RT from the following information


-          MT/RT designs to satisfy different performance requirements

-          Most popular sizes from 18” to 24”

-          Enhanced structure : 3-ply carcass rating + 12 ply rating

-          Specialized Pattern and sidewall design with excellent aggressive appearance and high running performance