- Feb 19, 2021-

Introduction of NAMA P/LT TIRE PLANT : 

1. Our registered capital is 1.816billion RMB , the total area is 746,000㎡. At present, our annual production capacity is 17 million tires,the annual output value is more than 30billion RMB. 

2. We have professional tire research institute and two manufacturing bases.

3. The whole production process" automation, informatization, intelligentialize  ”from the raw materials put into storage  to delivery of cargo from storage reached the strategic requirements of "German industrial 4.0”and “Made in China 2025”

4. We have professional R&D centre and advanced R&D facility, for which our R&D capacity are enjoying advanced technology.

5. Introduce advanced production facility, produce high-end green tire

6. We passed ISO9001、ISO14001、VDA6.1、ISO/TS16949 and other system certifications, our products passed the stated certifications like China 3C、U.S. DOT、EU ECE、Australia ADR23、Middle East SASO、Brazil INMETRO.