NAMA’s 4th Oversea Tire Production Base In Southeast Asia

- Jan 28, 2021-

In 2021, NAMA is to develop 4th tire production base in Southeast Asia. In addition,  we have 3 production lines both in Thailand and Vietnam so far.
TBR- Thailand, TBR-Vietnam total 400,000 pcs yearly supply capacity
PCR- Vietnam tier-1 factory

The 4th investment project is to invest 150 P/LT with 300 molds:
including HP 32 sizes, inch range from 14-18 inch , UHP 39 sizes, from 17-24inch , HT 55 sizes, from 15 -22 inch, MT 11 sizes from 19- 24 inch, RT 21 sizes from 17-24 inch to cover almost USA market demands.

Adhering to the consistent style, we will develop the most aggressive and unique pattern design with top designers team.
Most important, we will bear Anti-dumping duty and can be the name of recorder to do DDP to take the potential risk and tarrif retroaction.
The new product line guarantee the huge production capacity and fast delivery and price to be one of the most competitive in the market, 10%-20% lower than others.

We are collecting the advance order and pls plan ahead to revert your yearly order to keep you have stock to sell in the near and unpredictable market situation!