Non-China Produced MAXMACH UHP For US

- Jun 22, 2020-

NAMA's Non-China Produced MAXMACH UHP for USA Market


Nama Tires Inc launches ultra-high performance in staggered fitments and wheel diameters from 17 to 24 inches in phase 1, available in 20 sizes, covering fast moving sizes. Now it is ready shipments to USA by container loading. The Maxmach UHP will definitely upgrade yourride quietness and quality.


3 strong wide tread ribs enhance steering precision and mileage;

The sharp lateral sipes and kerfs improve tire hydroplaning performance and reduce the noise;

Asymmetric tread design which at outside with strong shoulder for great steering stability and inside shoulder with multisipes for excellent water drainage;

Longitudinal grooves improve the wet grip, prevent aquaplaning and high speed stability.



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