Radial Tyre Contruction Of NAMA Tyre

- Jan 25, 2019-

Radial tyre contruction of NAMA tyre

The tyres we used on our car and truck are carefully constructed by different semi-components and up to hundreds of raw materials, they are not the simple black rubber circles, each of NAMA tyre is designed and produced under long-term technical and market resarch to make the tyre to be the best one for different driving conditions.


Here we would like to give you some brief introduction about the contruction radial tyre to help you know NAMA tyres better.



It provides traction and turning grip for the tyre and is designed to resist wear, abrasion and heat.

Shoulder Cushion:

They hold up tyre tread and belt to avoid shoulder seperation.


It protects the side of the tyre from impact with curbs and the road. Important details about the tyre are written on the sidewall, such as tyre size and speed rating.


It largely determines the strength of the tyre. It's made up of very fine, resistant steel cords bonded into the rubber. This means the tyre can resist the strains of turning, and doesn't expand due to the rotation of the tyre. It's also flexible enough to absorb deformations caused by bumps, potholes and other obstacles in the road.


The layer above the inner liner, consisting of thin textile fiber cords (or cables) bonded into the rubber. These cables largely determine the strength of the tyre and help it resist pressure.

Inner liner:

An airtight layer of synthetic rubber (the modern equivalent of an inner tube)

Bead apex (upper apex and lower appex):

The carcess is fixed firmly with bead wire by them and could help to maintain the shape of bead wire.

Bead wire:

They clamp firmly against the tyre’s rim to ensure an airtight fit and keep the tyre properly seated on the rim.

Bead Chafer:

The bead chafer enchance the strength of bead wire and improve the rigidity.