Solid Tire Leak Phenomenon Self-test Method

- Mar 07, 2018-

Tire is a lot of see the solid tire problem, and sometimes nail into the tire did not pull out, so it constitutes a dark, usually the owner of a simple neglect of this problem, but so tireless tire repair will change As a security risk. This requires the owner of a regular tire self-test, early detection of doubt.

Solid tire self-test method:

① was nails and other foreign matter tied: Tire was foreign body punctured damage is the most common, including screws, nails, wire, glass fragments and so on. These sharp things if the bar wound a little smaller will constitute a tire leak. At this time only a careful investigation can be found on the tires attached to the appearance of foreign body, if the hiding deeper, we can sprinkle some water on the tire surface, there will be broken local bubbles bubbling, and even discouraged sound.

② broken side of the tire damage: If the car owners do not pay attention when parking, the tire may rub the road to the teeth, rub the more times the tire side will constitute a breakdown, constitute a dark leak. Will also form a tympanic drum, the probability of adding a flat tire. The tire next to the side of the damage can be directly seen, if damaged or drum kits, be sure to quickly replace the new tire.

③ wheel deformation: If the passenger car tires in order to prevent leakage, the wheels and tires are closely fit. If the wheel is deformed, it will affect the tight fit with the tire to form a tire leak. If the tire distortion is serious, we can use the rubbing eyes can see it. If not the image, you need to unload the tire, the connection between the tire and the hub of water, there is a cheongsam local hub is formed by the deformation of the dark place.

Because solid tires are more complicated questions, and as a vehicle owner, usually pay more attention to the condition of the road when they are using the car. Try to minimize the number of bad roads and stop on the road. They often investigate the tire's health and can reduce the probability of tire leakage