Thailand Tyre Factory

- Jun 19, 2019-

Special Offer - Tires NAMA Brand Made in Vietnam & Thailand

 Thailand Tyre Factory

As a tire manufacturer for 20 years, Nama Industrial Co., Ltd. are specialized to PCR/TBR/OTR tires with our private NAMA brand for global market.


TWO tire production bases in Southeast Asia (THAILAND & VIETNAM), which cover full range TBR sizes without AD and CVD influence, with import tariff 4.5% exported to US market. 


In the long process, we have enriched our technical experience. We solved wear problems in 4 ways.

A. We had put a lot of effort to develop “Big Feet” program. Tests show that wider tread tire provides excellent ground grip, higher loading and anti-wear ability, which is beneficial to all the trucks.

B. Strong tire bar between blocks resist irregular wear. At the same time, it can avoid cutting and tearing tread in bad road conditions.

C. Advanced TBM (Tire Building Machine) provides better tire dynamic balance. This will give your tires more mileage.

D. The tread depth of our tires have 6% deeper than most of competitors, which can promise longer mileage and stronger traction. 1mm tread depth≈10,000km mileage on paved road.


Long Haul Program: This is mainly for expressway condition. We guarantee the high performance of tires from 4 aspects:

A. Reinforced carcass bead ring is suitable for long-distance driving, and offers better reliability at high speed.

B. Since 2010, NAMA upgrade all the moulds. We believe that the quality not only comes from raw materials but also moulds. A good mould makes all the sipes and kerfs in pattern efficacious, offers better reliability and reduces maintenance cost.

C. We keep up with the design trends. Combined blocks with 3D-kerfs creating a more rigid stable footprint. Compared to the old one, the new compound unit can ensure great traction and lower rolling resistance.

D. All our efforts are aimed at achieving safe driving.

E. Thailand Tyre Factory


We are confident that our tires will make a complement for your business and promote your values with quality. For your sake, why not give it a try?