Thailand & Vietnam Truck Tire Program

- Nov 24, 2020-

As you may know, we're Thai & Vietnam factory based, manufacture NAMA brand TBR and PCR, in contianers; seeking distributors.

NAMA specialized at premium tire structure design at budget rate. Stable capacity and fast delivery, I'd glad to treat you with most honesty business manner.

I understand business should take long and serious relationship between partners, once we get to know each other, then I would like to talk about exclusive deal with your great team.


I’d like to invite you to participate our 'TV' VIP program(Thailand & Vietnam Truck Tire program); , based on the annual order quantities(no less than 240containers every12months), we offer you rebate at a yearly period calculation. The rebate part will start to re-fund in the new order period and will put out as TBR tires. More details could discuss later.