Tire Tread Impact On The Tire

- Mar 07, 2018-

No matter what kind of tire, there will be stripes on the tire. The markings are mainly to add the friction of the tire and play a maintenance role. What are the effects of the depth of the markings on the forklift tires?

The deeper the markings are, the larger the elastic deformation of the patch is, the roll resistance made up of the loss of the elastic hysteresis of the forklift will also be added. The deep markings are not conducive to the heat dissipation of the tires, the rising of the tire temperature, and the easy tear and shedding of the Striped root because of the severe punishing of the force. Too shallow markings affect not only their water storage and drainage, but also the harmful "water skiing" phenomenon. It also highlights the disadvantages of the slipping of the tread tire, so that the function of the car mentioned earlier is deteriorated.

As a result, the markings are too deep and too shallow to be good. The objective rule is that the markings will become smaller and smaller in use. In order to ensure the effectiveness of the stripes, all countries in the world have made clear regulations on the wear limit of tire markings. Tire shoulder in a plurality of parts at the circumference of the die along the carved tire wear limit alarm sign "or (and)" TWI "English symbol. When the convex interval to wear striped markings at the bottom of the trench is about 1.6mm (1/16 inch), symbol markings have been removed, so the light tread showed narrow horizontal stripes, so as to alert the driver, the tire has to when it is necessary to replace the.