What Are The Factors For The Replacement Of Farm Tires

- Mar 07, 2018-

1. The damage of the tread is serious -- agricultural machinery tyres

Once seen on the Internet, some of the treads of the tires were exposed to sharp objects, and the patterns were severely shedding or the carcass was split. When the aperture of the tread is more than 6mm, it is meaningless to repair it. The tied tires must be replaced to ensure the safety of the driving.

The bulging on the side of the tire is the result of the rupture of cord cord, which indicates that the tire has not been saved, and there is no value to repair, so tire must be replaced. If it is barely repaired, the repaired agricultural tires can only be a dangerous product at any time.

2. The tread deformation / carcass damage is serious

New tyres must be replaced when the tread deformation or the loss of the carcass is serious. The deformation of the tread is actually affected by the carcass. When the carcass is subjected to great force, its internal structure is damaged, resulting in deformation and tread deformation. At this time, the service life of the tire has been declared to an end.

3. Severe fetal injury

Whether the lateral rubber on the lateral side of the tire is completely cracked, the airtight layer, cord layer and protective layer of the tire have been completely destroyed, and the tires can only be discarded. When the tire is punctured nails to stop in time, if it can be repaired, the owners still insist on driving, the tire rolling wheel is inner cause serious damage, it must be replaced with new tires.