What Is The Composition Of The Tire?

- Mar 07, 2018-

Tires are usually composed of 3 parts of tyre, tyre, cushion belt. There is no need for the inner tube, and the inner layer of the tire has a good rubber layer with a good air density, and it needs to be equipped with a special rim. The structure of tires in the world has developed towards the direction of no inner tube, meridian structure, flat (small ratio of tire section height to width) and light weight. The tire tread, sidewall, buffer layer (or belt), ply and bead. It is used to bear various forces. The side of the tire is the layer of the outer layer of the tire cord, which is used to protect the carcass. The ply is the cloth layer made of parallel hanging rubber cord, which is the stress skeleton layer of the tire, which is used to ensure the necessary strength and dimensional stability of the tire. The buffer layer (or belt) is the rubber layer or glue layer between the tire and the carcass of the diagonal tire, which is used for buffering the external impact force, protecting the carcass, and improving the adhesion between the tread and ply. The tire ring is a part of the tyre mounted on the rim of the wheel. 

It is composed of a bead core and a bead cloth, which acts as a fixed tire. Tire specifications to tire bead diameter D, diameter D or rim diameter and section width B and flat ratio (H / high tire tire section width B) size so that the unit is generally inches (in) (1in = 2.54cm). Automobile tire is a compound of rubber and fiber material and metal material. The manufacturing process is a comprehensive process of mechanical processing and chemical reaction. Rubber and compound mixing after extrusion made of tread ply; after the rolling, cutting and bonding of cord drum or cord wire stranding, by volume; rubber molding for the bead; then all semi-finished products in the molding machine assembled on the green tire in vulcanizing machine, metal model, the sulfide made of finished tire.