When Do The Tires Need To Be Replaced?

- Mar 07, 2018-

All tires have a limitation on the design at the beginning of the design. Once the wear limit is reached, the performance of the tire will drop sharply, resulting in the reduction of brake performance, poor drainage capacity and easy runaway.

When do you need to change the tires?

The first tire expires.

Even if the owner usually drives a car, how well the road is, how well the tire is maintained, and the tire takes a long time, it will gradually become old. The service life of the tire is usually about 5 years, and the tire will begin to grow older than that.

The main manifestation of tire aging is the surface hardening, followed by tortoise cracks. Aging tires lose their resilience. Continuing use will lead to tread deformation and risk of tire blowout.

Second tyres, fissures, etc.

If the tire has a drum, a crack, and so on, it can be observed directly by itself. Sidewall damage, bulging and repair more than 3 times the tires must be replaced.

Do not think that tires will be able to be used until they are used. In fact, if there is one of these situations, no tire is changed, which is equivalent to a time bomb that is tied to itself, maybe when it will explode.

You know, tires don't take the initiative to say "I can't support" for car owners, but owners can judge whether or not the tires need to be replaced by their observation and touch. Even if the old tires do not look serious, the car owners should be on the alert.