Why Prefer SMF Battery Than Lead Acid Battery ??

- Aug 06, 2018-

Are you still using a lead acid battery for your Inverter? Do you know that these batteries give out lead fumes that pollute the surrounding air to a great extent? Now when you breathe this air I hope you understand how much of damage you are causing to your health. It’s not only you who suffer but your whole family.

These lead acid batteries emit harmful fumes when they are charged. The lead plates in the battery react with acid and water in the process of storing electricity. These heats up the battery, thus the lead fumes are emitted into the atmosphere.

Now if the battery is located in an air-conditioned space it could be even more dangerous as there is no fresh air to dilute the lead fumes which will continue being generated and recirculated.

But you need not worry any more: Sealed Maintenance Free Batteries is coming, more commonly known as SMF. These batteries are fully sealed. SMF Batteries are highly recommended for Inverters. They are safe and maintenance free. These fully sealed batteries emit no fumes. They do not need any water topping as compared to a lead acid battery thus eliminates any sort of maintenance. The charging time of these SMF Batteries are much less compared to an ordinary battery.

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