20.5 X25 Loader Tires

20.5 X25 Loader Tires

NAMA Brand Loader tires E-3/L-3 Pattern high quality tire with a longer miles and can be retread twice. NAMA Brand Loader tires E-3/L-3 pattern high quality tire with a longer miles and can be retread twice. 1.Product Introduction Loader tire Long tread life Excellent traction and...
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1.Product Introduction Loader tire

Loader tires are basically solid tires, it is generally used under high loads, requiring the rubber material has sufficient pressure resistance and wear resistance, with a high enough tensile stress, high hardness, low permanent Deformation and good wear resistance. Long service life, low deformation rate, reduced vehicle maintenance costs and increased driver comfort.


A solid tire is an industrial tire suitable for running a vehicle under low-speed, high-load and severe use conditions. Its safety, durability, economy, etc. are significantly superior to pneumatic tires, and are widely used in various industrial vehicles, military vehicles, and construction machinery. , port airports, trailers, and other areas.

Because rubber accelerates aging under the influence of light, heat, grease, and chemicals, solid tires should be avoided in these environments. Do not expose directly to sunlight during storage. Keep away from light, heat, grease, acid and alkali and other harmful substances. Solid tires should be laid flat. Do not stand upright so as not to tip over.

2.Product Specification




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