Industrial Solid Rubber Tires

Industrial Solid Rubber Tires

NAMA Brand solid tires high quality tire with a longer miles and can be retread twice. NAMA Brand solid tires high quality tire with a longer miles and can be retread twice. 1.Product Introduction solid tire 1.Smaller deformation, better stability and security 2.Running smoothly, slight shaking...
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1.Product Introduction

The main raw material for industrial solid rubber tires is made of a special kind of rubber material, and all of them are solid, except for the small hollow core that maintains the center of gravity. The tires produced in this way can be used as anti-nail, bulletproof, mine-proof, and anti-flammable bottles. They are loved by police officers. However, solid tires are very heavy and they are not very manoeuvrable after they are installed. Therefore, they need to be further improved by professionals.

Solid tires can be divided into environmental friendly, conductive, alternative, standard, oil-resistant, and high-load types according to their use.


A. traceless green tire: the general color is light, such as white, gray, green, yellow and so on. Almost close to the ground color of a particular industry, the tire footprint will not or less be left during use, keeping the ground tidy. It is used in industries requiring higher cleanliness, such as medicine, electronics, food, and automobiles.

B. Conductive type tires: During use, static electricity can be released, sparks will not be generated due to static electricity, and fires can be avoided. Generally used in gunpowder, oil, chemical and other flammable and explosive dangerous goods industries, conductive type tires only black.

C. Reprovisioned tires: Mostly used in European cars, such as Linde, Jungheinrich, STILL, OM, etc., also known as quick-fitting solid tires.

D. Standard solid tires: Most models can be used.

E. Oil-resistant solid tires: Solid tires used on roads that are heavily contaminated with oils and other substances.

2.Product Specification




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