Skid Loader Tires

Skid Loader Tires

NAMA Brand Loader tires E-3/L-3 Pattern high quality tire with a longer miles and can be retread twice. NAMA Brand Loader tires E-3/L-3 pattern high quality tire with a longer miles and can be retread twice. 1.Product Introduction Loader tire Long tread life Excellent traction and...
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1.Product Introduction 

Because the tire body of the forklift loader is made of all rubber, the puncture resistance of the tire is ensured to the utmost, and the tire puncture hazard in the industrial vehicle during bearing operation and in a bad working environment is fundamentally eliminated. Loader tires have small load deformation and good running stability. Because of their stab resistance and tear resistance, they can avoid the heavy work of frequently changing tires and tires, and can improve the use rate and work efficiency of vehicles.

Three-stage structural design of the loader tires, the distribution of the three rubber compounds guarantees the overall performance of the tire. The use of imported viscose as the base rubber of the tire improves the heat-generating performance of the tire and greatly reduces the heat generation of the tire. Loader tires have the advantages of good rigidity, high hardness, good stiffness, small deformation, small expansion coefficient, low heat generation, etc., thereby fundamentally eliminating the sliding rings generated by tire swell caused by tire heat generation. phenomenon.

Tire falling and cracking are caused by many factors. In addition to external factors such as hard injuries caused during use, the internal cause is mainly caused by the aging of the rubber, and is mainly based on heat aging and photoaging. The use of viscose reduces the heat generated by the tire, thereby eliminating the cracks, lumps, etc. caused by the thermal aging of the rubber.


High wear-resistance tread formulation, puncture resistant, ultra-wide running surface, long service life.

The bearing performance is stronger and the heat resistance is better.

It has good cut-proof performance and is used in surface mines and pavements where the tread is easily cut.



3.Application of the NAMA brand Loader tire E-3/L-3 pattern.


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