Solid Forklift Tires 21x7x15

Solid Forklift Tires 21x7x15

NAMA Brand forklift tires high quality tire with a longer miles and can be retread twice. TOM We supply NAMA Brand forklift tire high quality tire with a longer miles and can be retread twice. NAMA had export tires since 2000, and we are looking forward to have a long term cooperation with you....
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Product Details

1. Product Introduction of forklift tire

1. Longitudinal pattern resistance is small and fast, suitable for cement, asphalt and other roads.

2, horizontal pattern grasping strong, climbing performance, suitable for general road.

3. High wear-resisting tread formula, resistant to puncture, extra wide running surface, long service life.

4. The reinforced design of the carcass and sub-mouth area makes the tire's load-carrying performance and safety performance more prominent.

5. Pattern design makes the tire have good grip performance and stab-resistant performance on wet and dry roads.


2. Product Advantages

1. Excellent safety performance, help improve work efficiency.

2. Reasonable structural design to ensure that the tire has good performance.

3. Advanced technology and formula design.

3. Precautions

1. Reasonable control of tire pressure.

2. Reasonable selection and matching of tires.

3. Regularly check the tire's wear.

4. Prevent forklifts from overloading and keep goods balanced

4. Application


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