Commercial Tire 11R22.5 ND103

NAMA Brand TBR 11R22.5 ND103 Drive pattern non-China origin
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NAMA Brand TBR 11R22.5 ND103 Drive pattern non-China origin




Commercial Tire 11R22.5 ND103 mixed service radial truck tire, which is designed for fleets that need a long-wearing tire for on-highway service and occasional use on gravel roads and debris-filled job sites, like waste plant and construction sites.


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Commercial Tire 11R22.5 ND103 features include:

1. Open shoulder design for improved traction and deep 26/32nds for long tread wear;

2..Stone rejector technology to help prevent trapped stones from damaging the casing, preserving RETREAD ability;

3. Available in 3 tread sizes in the U.S. and Canada: 230mm through 306 mm;

4. At least 200,000 km guaranteed under normal conditions and with PLI value of 5 million USD;

5. Directly shipped from Vietnam, without ADD,CVD and trade war tariffs for USA market.

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