Thailand Tires Brands 11R22.5

Work with NAMA: (Thailand Tires Brands 11R22.5) 1. Warranty for at least 200,000 kms guaranteed under normal conditions and with PLI value of 5 million USD; 2. Directly shipped from Vietnam, without ADD,CVD and trade war tarrifs 3. Quality: NAMA TBR are 4+0 structure. Can be RETREAD TWICE.
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Thailand Tires Brands 11R22.5

Our star products- 11R22.5 NF101 mixed service truck tire which is designed for STEER /TRAILER /ALL POSITION LONG HAUL  


NF101 features include:


1.Innovative tread design with stepped ribs and large shoulders promote excellent lateral stability and precise handling. 

2.A straight rib-form is applied to increase steering and driving safety. Superb grip is achieved on both wet and dry road surfaces. 

3.Extra deep and wide tread alongside a unique high scrub compound enhance remarkably long and even tread wear. 

4. Compound units with sipes provide excellent water-evacuation and help reduce tread temperature.

Work with NAMA: (Thailand Tires Brands 11R22.5)


1.      Warranty for at least 200,000 kms guaranteed under normal conditions and with PLI value of 5 million USD; 

2.       Directly shipped from Vietnam, without ADD,CVD and trade war tarrifs 

3.      Quality: NAMA TBR are 4+0 structure. Can be RETREAD TWICE. 


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